Customizable Feather Mohawk / Headdress - "Akamai"


Shipping to United States: $40.00

Rock out with your hawk out and feel like a God/Goddess in your one of a kind, ‘MADE JUST FOR YOU feather mohawk!!!

Made with Aloha in Hawaii! <3


**This piece is made to order. The piece in this photo has been sold. Depending on the time of year, Please allow 2-6 weeks for completion unless you specify a due by date during checkout. I can make it as soon as a few days if you contact me directly with a due date!!! The sooner you purchase the better so that I can ensure that I have all materials on hand when you order. *** It helps me greatly if you can tell me the due by date so I can ensure I get it to you by when you need it!

Want a discount? Contact me for details on how... I also take payment plans - if you cannot afford my prices please don't hesitate to talk with me on how we can work something out for you!

Each piece is entirely handmade with love by me, and includes an authenticity tag "handmade by Michelle Curiel" with the mohawk style and number on it (number is based on total mohawks I have made to date). This is not only a headpiece - it is a work of art and treated like one! When not wearing your feather hawk, display it proudly in a display box or mannequin head in your home and get tons of compliments on it by your guests!

Please note that the pieces you see in these photos are not the same one you will be getting, but made to be in the same badass style!

∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴ F A Q S ∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴∴

Each one is made to order so please specify what feather accent colors you would like in the front of your mohawk ****if you do not contact me on what customizations that you want I will make your mohawk to be as similar as possible in the first photo of this listing****. There are short and long feathers, so you have the option of making 3 or 4 long feathers a different color, as well as a few shorter ones different colors as well. Color options for front accent feathers are: Grizzly (only available short), Hot Pink (only available short), Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Green, Turquoise, Dark Blue, Purple, Fuchsia, Cream. Want gold accent feathers? No problem! Want extra feathers to make it full? No problem! Want some peacock feathers to accent the front? No problem! Easiest way is to just let me know what colors and style you want and I'll figure out the rest. :D I can even make it look COMPLETELY different than what's on the photo so if you have an amazing idea I'd love to hear it and make it come to life. I LOVE discussing new feather headdress ideas so don't hesitate at all to contact me so we can talk about it!

Each piece has a small medallion / pendant on the front unless you prefer to have none. Please specify if you would like a custom jewelry silver/bronze/gold based medallion. (won't be real gold/silver/bronze unless you would like to pay extra for the cost) **********If you do not specify, I will make the call on what pendant to select. Each pendant is different so I will add whatever I feel looks best but you can always remove whatever I put on it and put one of our own if you prefer.

Keep in mind the feather mohawk in the photos is a prototype to what you can do, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity with these! If you want it to be even more custom than this, feel free to let me know. I have had people request everything from all black mohawks, to adding sequins, to head chains, to spray painting the tips of the feathers, so bring on the ideas and I will bring on the creativity! We can discuss via etsy, email, skype or phone - even before you make you make your decision to purchase so that you are 100% comfortable that I'll make something you will be overly happy with and proud to wear - I'll make sure that this piece of wearable art is fully customized so that it fits exactly what you envision and want!


You sure can! Follow this link:

Absolutely, in fact, part of the deal is that I will send you a photo before I mail it, unless you're not interested in seeing it (so far, most are so excited about their feather mohawks that they can't wait to see photos before they get it!). I want you to be thrilled and excited when you pull your mohawk out of the box. before shipping, I will email you some photos of the exact one you will be getting so that I get your seal of approval!

At your request, I can also make a quick video so you can see your mohawk from different angles. I can even skype you so that you see it live. Please note this will take an additional day or two to ship but totally doable. This method is very convenient though because you'll have a better idea of what you will be getting and if you have any last minute requests or changes this will be your chance to speak up!

Instructions on how to wear the feather mohawks can be found on my youtube - message me with your email address and i will send you an instructional video. Sorry, I will only share this video to those serious about purchasing, not if you're looking to make one for yourself.

Once it's on, you can be rest assured that it will be on securely and comfortably - I've even forgotten that I have it on sometimes! Holds on tightly with a with a banana clip, and hair ties. No headband needed! This is something you can wear to a party and swing your head in any direction without feeling like it might fall off! When it's on, it's ON!

*****I will also be including hair ties so that it's ready to go out of the box!!!****
*****extra Feathers may be included in case you want to add more feathers or some get loose after a night of fun for multiple use!!!****

I designed this feather mohawk so that it would stay ON! It's not just a "for show" piece, it is a piece that can literally be worn all day and night - I even slept in mine once...don't ask ;) If you follow the instructions on how to wear it and really secure it in place(super tight hair ties in the center, extra hair gel!!!), you should not have any problems with it falling off or getting loose.

If you have 1-2 inches of hair: You can still wear this mohawk - watch the video, and to add to that, instead of just two hair ties, use three for extra security and make sure you use a heavy gel on your hair (hair glue works wonders!!!) on top so that the mohawk adheres to your head tightly. For short hair I highly recommend using snag free elastic bands. Let me know if your hair is short and I will include them free of charge with your mohawk. I once put a feather mohawk on a gal that had less than one inch hair on a windy day and she said that the mohawk felt very secure on her, so short hair is definitely doable.

Bald/ no hair: Because it uses a banana clip, it can be attached to a skull cap or Nylon cap, or even with some adhesive glue. Let me know if you are bald so I can modify the mohawk to fit on your head comfortably. Let's talk about it!

The beauty about feathers, is that they are LIGHT! So NO, not heavy at all. When you get your box in the mail you'll ask yourself...did she forget to put the feather mohawk in here? :p My feather mohawks are less than a pound. This isn't a vegas showgirl head piece. It's light, comfortable, stays on and you might even forget you have it on...but honestly you won't forget because people are going to be constantly reminding you how amazing your mohawk is. Get ready to be in tons of photos ;) "hi! can i take a photo with you?" yeah. It's kind of like being a celebrity...

Depending on the time of the year, Please allow about 1-3 weeks for me to get it made for you and shipped out so you can rock this baby out on the town, party, rave, festival, carnival, mardi gras, photoshoot, concert, New Years Eve, Halloween - anywhere you want to WOW people and turn heads, this is what you need!!!

There are a few advantages to ordering ahead of time. First, sometimes my feather wholesaler is out of stock of feathers and slows down the process. Second, you are put in the front of the line and are given priority over other orders and you can customize as much as you want until you are happy. Third: if you wait to order until the last minute, sometimes I am so over booked on orders that I have to cut back on orders. I have had quite a few orders that are 2-4 months ahead of what they need and it's always the best bet. No rushing, feathers will be in stock, extra customizations, and also more time to find the best pendant for your mohawk

If you need it let's say - tomorrow - I charge a $100 rush fee plus additional shipping fees. If it's within a week, it's $50. Otherwise if you need it 1-2 weeks from now, please just let me know so we can work something out - I might have to pay extra for shipping for outside of the country and I'll only charge you the cost to rush ship. (It's usually about $45-60 for 3-5 days outside of the US)

Feathers arch nemesis is the moth, so depending on where you live, have some mothballs near your feather mohawk while not in use. You may save the bag your mohawk comes in and throw a mothball in it and that should do the trick. If you want to have it out on display, I would just have mothballs nearby or tucked inside of the mohawk when not in use. This is my advice but you don't have follow it obviously. Just keep an eye on your mohawk from time to time to see if moths have gotten to it. I live in Hawaii and also lived in LA prior and I personally have not encountered moths, but from what my wholesale distributor tells me, if moths are around, they WILL eat your feathers.

Also, if you want the top of your feather mohawk to remain super tall, do not store it in the bag, you can hang it on the wall with a thumbtack or nail upside down letting the feathers hang, or somewhere where it has room to spread its feathers out. If you like the curved back look to the mohawk, keep it in the bag or hang upright. Feathers are like hair, and will change based on how you store them. You can even curl them with a curling iron or straighten them too!

Take a damp warm washcloth with mild soap and run it through the feathers then dry it with a hair dryer. You can also hold it over a steamer and the feathers will puff out especially once you dry it with either a fan or a hair dryer. I found a great article on cleaning headdresses that will give you more details and ideas on this process

Feathers can handle just about any weather condition because they were like hair to our winged friends and they got wet for regular showers when they belonged to the birdy that grew them! So if you get your mohawk wet, it's OK! The dyes used in the feathers won't run and once dried the feathers will be back to normal.. Since feathers are like hair keep in mind they will dry exactly how you position them so just be aware of feathers that are out of place while drying your mohawk. If you have a hair dryer nearby you can also just use the hair dryer and that will probably even make the feathers puff out, making your mohawk even more awesome. I have worn my head pieces in mild rain without taking it off and they have been fine. Also please note there is a 'bird' smell that is natural to feathers that you might notice but will go away once they dry. Overall my suggestion is try your best to stay out of any heavy rain, dry it out if it does get wet and you'll be fine!

Please ask me! I am happy to answer ANY question that you may have on customization, durability, how to wear, etc etc. Do not hesitate to ask your heart away :D

****Earrings and accessories are not included.

****If you live in the Honolulu area we can arrange a meetup so that your shipping is waived!

If anybody asks where you got your feather mohawk, tell them to go to


If you would like to make a partial payment on an item, please let me know and I will setup a custom listing for you. We can break it into chunks of 2-4 payments. Payment is due in full before I ship your item out. Just let me know, I can work with you!

Shipping from United States

Many items are already ready to ship and will be shipped within a couple of days. If they are made to order it will typically take 1-4 weeks for me to make your item, depending on the item. However depending out the time of the year and inventory, it can up to 12 weeks (not likely though!). I am very flexible and can work around the date that you need it by, and it is possible for me to ship something out to you the next day with expedited shipping. Feel free to message me directly or call me at 808-799-5755 if you have any questions. Please let me know in notes during checkout the date that you would like to have your item in your hands, otherwise I will ship as soon as possible. If I cannot fulfill in the time you specify I will let you know and give you a full refund if you would prefer not to wait.

Returns & Exchanges

I gladly accept exchanges and cancellations

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But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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  • Custom or personalized orders

Returns and exchange details

If you place an order and I cannot fulfill an order by the date you need it, I will issue you a full refund immediately.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to me so if you are unsatisfied with a product I have made you, please let me know immediately and I will do whatever necessary to make you a happy camper! If it is a custom piece, there is no refund , however you can send it back and I will be happy to make some adjustments to it to your satisfaction! Please do not hesitate to contact me directly to discuss options so that we can come to an agreement where we both walk away happy! If there is something wrong with the item itself due to my own mistake I will be happy to pay for shipping for you to return so that I can fix it and in some cases issue a refund. Partial refunds are also an option depending on the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feather Mohawks - How secure is the clip?

I provide hair ties and step by step instructions along with a video on how to wear your mohawk. Once it's on - it's ON! In fact, they were designed to be able to withstand dust storms at Burning man! It is a piece that can literally be worn all day - I even slept in mine once. If you follow the instructions on how to wear it and really secure it in place(super tight hair ties, extra hair gel!!!), you should not have any problems with it falling off. I also can add an adjustable strap if you have little to no hair or would like the option at your request.

Feather Mohawks: My hair is short, bald or I have a very sensitive scalp so I prefer a strap as opposed to a clip.

If there is no drop down option in the listing, just let me know in notes during checkout and I will add an adjustable strap to your mohawk.

Feather Mohawks and Headdresses: Just how custom can you make my piece?

If you can think it up, I can make it! Contact me to discuss if you do not see what you are looking for. I love to take on new projects. More examples of my work can be found at or feel free to add me at and take a look through my albums or tagged photos of people proudly the pieces I have made for them!

Can I see it before you ship it?

Yes! At your request, I will email you a photo of the exact one you will be getting before I send it out so that I get your seal of approval! I can also Skype, Facetime or send you a video at your request.

How many changes can I make after you show me a photo of my piece?

I don't place a limit on perfection. I will make as many changes as necessary until you are happy with it! Extra charges may apply if you request something that is going to take a lot longer to create or if it has to be special ordered.

How much will my feather mohawk or headdress weigh?

They're actually quite light - as feathers!

+Smaller feather mohawks are about 2.5-4 ounces
+Larger Mohawks are about 6-9 ounces.
+Headdresses can be anywhere between 6-1.5 pounds depending on what materials are used. 95% of the time they are always under a pound.

How long before I receive my piece?

Please allow about 1-4 weeks for me to get it made for you and shipped out so you can rock this baby out on the town, party, rave, festival, carnival, mardi gras, photoshoot, concert, New Years Eve, Halloween - anywhere you want to WOW people and turn heads, this is what you need!!!

NOTE: If you need it by a specific day sooner than the 2-4 week waiting period, please let me know so we can work something out. 95% of the time I can make it within the time period that you need, as soon as a next day turnaround!

What company do you use for shipping?

US ORDERS: Once it it ready, unless otherwise specified I will ship your item via USPS Priority Shipping which takes about 3-5 business days. If it is time sensitive I will send via USPS Priority express which takes 2 days to arrive. If you would like to use FedEx or UPS please let me know, additional charges will apply.

Everywhere else: I use registered mail, which takes 6-10 business days. If this is time sensitive then I can send via Global Express shipping for an additional fee and takes about 5 business days to ship as long as customs does not hold your item back. UPS and FedEx are also options for an additional fee.

Feather Mohawk: How Do I wear it? (with clip)

Detailed instructions on how to wear your feather mohawks built on a clip can be found in this video

Once it's on, you rest be assured that it will be on securely and comfortably - I've even forgotten that I have it on sometimes! Holds on tightly with a with a banana clip & hair ties (included). No headband needed! This is something you can wear to a party and swing your head in any direction without feeling like it might fall off! FUN!

Can I use UPS or FedEx instead of USPS?

Absolutely! Let me know which company you prefer to ship. Additional charges may apply.

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