heART, Feathers. Love.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Michelle Curiel’s artistic passion began at a very young age. Like other children, she was given crayons and a coloring book. For Michelle, the process of transforming white space with strokes of beautiful color left an indelible impression. Art quickly became a passion. 
Constantly inspired by her surroundings, Michelle expresses her innermost feelings through several forms of art. She lives by the belief that "There is an ever-present divine beauty that is within us regardless of undesirable circumstances that may occur. This beauty includes unconditional love, knowingness, creativity, inspiration and so much more. All you need to do is open up your heART and it will flow through you and into your life.”

Her unique heARTwork has been sold through her online store to nearly 30 countries. She has displayed her fine art in galleries, exhibited her whimsical headpieces in fashion shows and sold her eclectic creations in boutiques and pop-ups across Hawaii to the continental US and as far as South America. 

She now finds endless inspiration by living in two of the most beautiful places on earth: Hawaii and Costa Rica. Through the unique experiences of living in paradise and the challenges and beauty of life as we know it, she is driven to create. She continues to create her colorful works of inspired creations to be enjoyed by all that truly see and appreciate the love that she puts into it with all of her heART and soul. 

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