“Let me be as a feather. Strong with purpose yet light at heart, able to bend. And, tho I might become frayed, able to pull myself together again.” 

~Anita Sams

Hooray!!! I just found this little nugget of goodness while going way back in time trying to make room on my phone! I made this on a plane and posted the WIP of it a while back just after I landed in Mexico, but didn’t have a chance to post this finished version. I completely forgot about it until today!!! 

I miss my whimsical daily doodle sessions sooooo much it hurts!! This was my therapy back during my corporate workdays and is what kept me somewhat sane...and while I am still creating through my headdresses and absolutely love what I do in other ways, drawing will always be my deepest truest love more than any of my other form of my artistic expressions! It was love at first sight, watching in amazement at 5 years old as my sweet mamma colored in a coloring book, and then I picked up a crayon too and made my mark...we were always meant to be 😍🎨 I Must make an effort to come back to you my love! Will be painting next week for sure so stay tuned 💖💖💖

If you have only seen my headdress work and haven't yet seen my drawings before today, the easiest way to find more is look up my first and last name in google, pinterest or instagram, your screen will be flooded with my colorful illustrations and doodles!

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