In this blog you'll find the full list of additions and customizations you can add to your mohawk along with pricing. If you would like  me to make you a customized listing - please send me a message and I can  send you an editable document so that you can check off exactly what  you want! Many of these customizations can be found in the "ADD-ON"  section of my store.

Colors available: Pure White, Off White,  Creme, Natural Brown, Chocolate brown, Jet Black, Deep Red/Black, Wine,  Bright Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime Green, Grass Green, Light Turquoise,  Turquoise, Royal Blue, Purple, Hot Pink/Fuchsia, Baby Pink, Black &  White Striped (any color I did not list, I can find for you, just ask!)  (Note: These are chicken feathers that were sourced off of birds used  for food consumption) Exotics: Peacock, Amherst, Pheasant, Duck, Parrot (Note:  all exotic feathers come from feathers that have naturally fallen off  of the bird that come from loving farms and homes. I can even get you  the names and ages of the parrots the feathers come from! ;)



(Pure white feathers are an additional $30-$100)

  • __+$25 Simple design 1-3 accent color feathers, peacock feathers
  • __+$30-90 complex design 1-10 colors, exotic feathers, rhinestone, stud or spike detail
  • __+$100+ The works, any combo of colors, exotic feathers, rhinestones, flowers, etc
  • __+$30-$100  Pure white feathers. If you want your mohawk to have long and short  white feathers. White feathers cost up to triple the amount than colored  feathers, pricing depends on how much pure white you want in your  piece. If you want just a few accent whites (up to 6), there will be no  additional charge.
  • __+$10-100 Exotic feathers. Pricing depends on what kind and how many exotic feathers you are interested in.
  • ___+$15 Strap for extra security (Free if you want a strap instead of secured banana clip)
  • ___+$100  “Flared” meaning feathers flared out (No additional charge if you only  want the shorter feathers flared, and long feathers sleek, I have photo examples)


  • ___+$30 Small Unicorn Horn (5in)
  • ___+$5 for each additional inch

❥❥❥ ANTLERS & HORNS (Deer, Ram, etc)

  • ___+$30-100  Depending on how large/elaborate/detailed you want your horns to be.  Real horns will weigh your mohawk down, so I will make them out of light  materials

❥❥❥EARS (Pony, Bear, Fox, etc)

  • ___+$30 Furry or Polymer clay
  • ___+$50 Rhinestones, glitter, customized, etc


All Removable so that you can attach to other mohawks or even put in your hair as a ponytail! 

  • ___+$40 Simple Tail to extend the length of your mohawk (Total of 30 long feathers)
  • ___+$60 Longer tail (Total of 50 feathers, you select length - Mid back to Butt: longer means less  volume, shorter, more)
  • ___ +$100 "The works" tail (More Long black  feathers, Thicker, Reds, peacock feathers, zebra feathers, etc - you  select length - Mid back to Butt: longer means less volume, shorter,  more)
  • ___+$60-80 Dangles! (Detachable) To be worn in front and go above or below chest area.


  • ___+$40 Simple Face Chain (See link at bottom of message)
  • ___+$60 Elaborate Face Chain
  • ___+$100 “The works” Face Chain (See photo at bottom of message)

❥❥❥❥❥❥EVEN MORE EXTRAS❥❥❥❥❥❥

  • ___+$200 Separate Headdress for even more flair, can be worn alone as a separate piece or with mohawk (Photos upon request)
  • ___+$100  Matching Feather Shoulder Shrug 1-2 colors (Open in the back so that  the back of your mohawk & your tail does not interfere with the  shrug.
  • ___+$150 Matching Feather Shoulder Shrug - as many colors as you want Elaborate, more feathers, longer, rhinestones, etc.
  • ___+$50 (one) Feather Arm Band
  • ___+$80 (Pair) Feather Bracelet hand cuff
  • ___+$50  Dusty Bird Clean & Care Kit (leave in feather Conditioner &  micro fiber towel, Cleaner & cloth, 2 different types of Glue &  extra hair ties. Both Leave in conditioner & cleaner are made by me  with organic ingredients & scented with Lavender scented essential  oil. Instructions included. Comes inside of a 6 x 9 mesh drawstring  pouch)
  • ___+$25 Where’d it Go!? Repair Kit (Includes 25 feathers, rhinestones, studs or spikes customized to match your mohawk)
  • ___+$10 Large Tote Bag to easily carry your mohawk & accessories when you're on the go!

❥❥❥❥❥❥LIGHT IT UP!!! I  can add lights to your piece with LED, EL Wire, Fiber Optics, etc.  pricing will vary depending on how much lighting you want. Can be  anywhere between $20 for fairy lights or something more complex with  remote will be up to $200. If you are interested we can discuss and i  can give you a quote.

*LED lights look best under pure white feathers.